Healthy eating helps children maintain a healthy weight, even out their energy and refine their minds.

Some of the choices are listed below and try adding into your diet.

  • Mackerel is full of high level of DHA
  • Blueberries  contains anthocyanin that aid blood flow to the brain
  • Curry, add turmeric to your curry dishes which helps brain function.
  • Egg – choline improves memory and concentration
  • Wholegrain bread has vitamins B1 and B5
  • Chickpeas packed with zinc
  • Olive oil good for memory
  • Milk, it is good for long term brain health. However, it does cause short term memory reduction.  It is better in a glass before bed than just before the exam.
  • Water, make children drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Bananas has amino acids that promote the feel food brain chemical serotonin
  • Almond and Sunflower seeds – reduces stress levels

Also, avoid hamburgers, coffee, crisps and white bread if you can.






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