It is one of the most challenging task – time management! Even Adults like us have issues in managing time, right?

Managing time effectively

In order to succeed in securing a place in a Grammar school, early preparation, homework and revision are paramount. Efficiently managing our time is a basic requirement and it is a thinking skill based on,

  • What task I am going to work on?
  • How long it will take to complete my task?
  • Am I going to finish my task on time?
  • Will I allow distraction and waste time while carrying out a task?

Parents’ contribution is the vital role in preparing the children for the examinations.  Children feel secured and their emotional tank overflows when parents show genuine interest with tough love.

Some of the snippets you could look at before setting personal study habits and goals:-

  • Provide healthy meals
  • Monitor regular breaks
  • Being supportive emotionally
  • Physically being their for the children
  • Not to push too much of extra lessons
  • Speak encouraging words
  • Acknowledge challenges
  • Celebrate each tiny step
  • Listen to their fears and frustration
  • Genuinely understand them and put ourselves in their tiny shoes which will boost the confidence level of the children and eventually produce amazing results.